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Xencelabs Pen Display 24 Announced for Creatives and Industry Professionals

24-inch digital drawing display expands the line of professional design tools to enhance the

drawing experience, artists’ productivity, workflow customization, and ergonomics

Xencelabs Technologies Ltd. is giving artists a new creative choice with its Pen Display 24 Studio


The new drawing display joins the company’s full line of professional digital design tools

including its Pen Tablet Medium, Pen Tablet Small, and the Quick Keys customizable remote –

creating a comprehensive portfolio of professional drawing tools available for creative communities


The new drawing display will make its public debut at the Game Developers Conference (GDC),

March 22 to 24, 2023 in San Francisco.

The Pen Display 24 offers a range of features and capabilities compared to competitive offerings,

including enhanced glare reduction and fingerprint resistance, an edge-to-edge drawing surface, a

natural drawing experience, Pantone® Color and SkinToneTM validation, the included Tilt Stand,

VESA mount flexibility, silent and fanless operation and a security slot for the Kensington

MicroSaver® 2.0 lock.

“Since we launched our first product, we’ve constantly looked for new ways to improve the creative

workflow,” said Michael Thompson, Head of Global Product at Xencelabs. “We listened to artists

and their input is reflected in the Pen Display’s design: stunning display fidelity, excellent drawing

experience, superior ergonomics and more. This device is designed for maximum productivity,

adapting to the user’s preferences, not the other way around.”

The Pen Display 24 comes with all key accessories, including a Tilt Stand, to let users start working

immediately after downloading their preferred driver (Mac, PC or Linux) and plugging in the display.

The Linux driver works similarly to the Windows and Mac drivers and has full functionality.

Key Features and Benefits of the Xencelabs Pen Display 24

Studio Quality Drawing Experience

The display features edge-to-edge tempered glass with Xencelabs’ Super-AG EtchingTM for

exceptional glare and reflection reduction, delivering clarity even in bright rooms with overhead

lighting. The continuous surface is uninterrupted by buttons or seams. An anti-fingerprint coating

reduces streaking and smudges caused by everyday use. The etched glass screen provides the right

amount of friction for a natural drawing feel.

Two pen sizes are provided to fit different-sized hands and preferences. One pen comes with three

buttons, while the other has two buttons, and each has an eraser. The three-button pen is

particularly useful for 3D work or for artists who prefer more pen buttons. Pens can match users’

preferred sensitivity and initial activation pressure is adjustable to as low as 3g.

The display’s pressure curve has been meticulously tuned for optimal responsiveness and

stroke-to-stroke accuracy, with the pen response adjustable to each user’s drawing style.

Brilliant Imagery and Color Performance

The Pen Display delivers 1.07 billion colors for accurate color reproduction. Its 4K Ultra-high

definition resolution (up to 3840 x 2160) contributes to an improved workflow, as images that are

enlarged several times still retain clarity and sharpness, helpful when sketching details. The display

supports six industry-standard color spaces.

The new display meets key performance criteria from Pantone, recognized globally as a trusted and

familiar color system used across many applications well-suited to the new display. The Pen Display

24 is Pantone Validated, assuring users of the product’s ability to faithfully simulate the full range of

Pantone Colors. It is also Pantone SkinToneTM Validated, which means the Pen Display 24 meets

Pantone’s testing criteria (a patent-pending process) and can authentically reproduce the diverse set

of skin tones found in the Pantone SkinTone Guide.

The screen is optically bonded to minimize parallax and produce a bright, clear image with no

“sparkling” effect to cause distraction or eye fatigue.

Increased Productivity

The included Xencelabs Quick Keys can be attached to anywhere on the side of the Pen Display 24

making it easy to find a comfortable location. The Xencelabs Quick Keys allows artists to

incorporate shortcut keys into their workflow through an easy-to-use interface. The integrated

OLED display lets users see button assignments at a glance. There can be up to 40 shortcuts per

application using the set button which allows users to group eight keys into five different sets.

The physical dial offers four function modes for zoom, rotation, brush size, and other functions. Button

settings switch automatically when a new application is activated with the pen.

Users can quickly access settings via three programable LED buttons on the top of the Pen Display.

By changing color, these buttons also provide a reminder that the pen buttons or Quick Key button

assignments may have changed when a different application is in use.

A Virtual Tablet Mode allows pen control of multiple displays. Users can drag or manipulate objects

from one display to the other using just the pen.


The included Tilt Stand enables the Xencelabs Pen Display 24 to be tilted comfortably at any angle

between 16 and 72 degrees and is easily adjusted with one hand. A standard VESA mount

(100X100mm) allows the lightweight (5.8 kg / 12.8 lbs) Pen Display 24 to be easily used with

additional stand options, such as an arm, with no adapter needed.

An adjustable clip holds the Quick Keys in place and allows it to be attached anywhere along the four

sides of the display for maximum comfort and usefulness.

The Pen Display is designed for silent and fanless operation, with a magnesium alloy rear housing that

dissipates heat and eliminates the need for a fan.

For more information about Xencelabs and the new Pen Display 24, visit

Launching in Australia and New Zealand in April 2023, Xencelabs Pen Display Tablet will be available

through its exclusive distributor MacGear and their retail network.


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