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Vamp Up Your Gaming Space With Nanoleaf

It’s not always that a product will take the world by storm, but for the revolutionary Nanoleaf light panels, that’s a completely different story. Making their way from retail shelves into the hands of interior designers, film producers and even owners of global hotel chains, it was only a matter of time before these panels became the forefront of discussion with gamers.

Many light products can be a hit or miss, but with such a sleek, interactive design and impressive price point - Nanoleaf has raised the bar for the modern smart home. So what are they?

Nanoleaf panels are essentially wall tiles that allow you to construct a design of your own choosing. Once all the panels have been linked together and mounted to the wall (or surface of your choosing), simply connect the control panel to the app and choose a pre existing theme or design your own. The light panels can be set to plain white or set to any of the approximately 16.7 million colours.

Currently on the market are both the Aurora Panels and the Canvas Panels. The Aurora Panels feature a triangular design that can easily snap together to form different shapes. If you want to take it a step further, connect the Rhythm module to bring music to life with colour. The Canvas Panels on the other hand features a square design, perfect for recreating your favourite pixel characters. With an in built music feature, simply tap the music icon on the control panel and watch music and sound live in perfect harmony.

Nanoleaf can be purchased from both Australian and New Zealand retailers:

Australia: Officeworks, JB HI FI, Harvey Norman

New Zealand: Noel Leeming, Mighty Ape, Dick Smith, JB HI FI

Recently featured at Armageddon Expo Wellington and TedX Sydney, keep an eye out for installations at music festivals, pop culture celebrations and exhibitions in the near future. For more information about Nanoleaf, please visit

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