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Design Without Limitation With the Nanoleaf Shapes - Hexagons

Following the success of their innovative lighting panels, Nanoleaf knew that their next product would have to continue pushing creative boundaries. People have always had an urge to create, so with the introduction of Nanoleaf Shapes, they will be able to do just that without limitations.

Nanoleaf Shapes is a completely new line of panels that can all connect together to finally offer truly limitless customisation and design possibilities. After years of refinement, Shapes deliver everything you want from Smart Home Decor and take away everything that you don’t in the process.

The first product in the Shapes line is Hexagons, a design that truly encompasses the idea of Smart Home Decor with inspiration taken from geometry found in nature.

By slightly rounding the corners of the Hexagons, they offer geometry without rigidity so they can fit into your space naturally, without clashing with your existing decor. The Hexagons have been thoughtfully designed to welcome in that natural element that we as humans innately crave, but that is all too often lost within technology.

The combination of smart technology and warm design of the Hexagons leads the way for future shapes, opening up limitless possibilities for you to design, play, and create.

Hexagons will be available in store and online throughout 2020, available to pre order now at

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