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“If you love vampires that scare the shit out of you? You can find them in Killadelphia.” —Snoop Dogg

The bestselling sales beast Killadelphia by Rodney Barnes (Marvel’s Runaways, STARZ’s American Gods) and Jason Shawn Alexander (Spawn) will kick off a new story arc with Killadelphia #19 this February. This new chapter in the popular vampire crime comic will feature special “Noir Edition” issues which will showcase the interior artwork in black and white.

Killadelphia #19 is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers—and a pivotal turning point for the series. In it, the Undead detective James Sangster Sr. and his werewolf allies are about to make their final stand against vampire queen Abigail Adams and necromancer Thomas Jefferson. But shocking new revelations come to light as demons unearthed from America’s past threaten the very world as we know it!

Killadelphia #19 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, February 23:

  • Cover A by Alexander - Diamond Code DEC210103

  • Cover B by Jae Lee - Diamond Code DEC210104

  • Cover C by Nick Runge - Diamond Code DEC210105

  • Cover D B&W Noir Edition by Alexander - Diamond Code DEC218180

  • Cover E blank cover - Diamond Code DEC210106

  • Cover F 1:25 copy incentive by Alexander - Diamond Code DEC210107

  • Cover G 1:50 copy incentive by Lee - Diamond Code DEC210108

Killadelphia is also available for purchase across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

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