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Nanoleaf Launches Essentials Line with New Smart Color Changing LED Bulb & Lightstrip

Smart lighting industry leader Nanoleaf introduces the Essentials range - a new line of smart bulbs and lightstrips that offer vivid whites and rich colors for your everyday lighting needs. Following the success of their modular light panel products, Nanoleaf is now releasing an A19 bulb and lightstrip to provide the best lighting for your essential day-to-day activities.

Nanoleaf Essentials offer optimal lighting for working from home and studying to relaxing before bed or setting the right mood for a special date night in. With the brightest white lighting within the smart light category, the Essentials have the most vivid bright whites for daily lighting. The bulb and lightstrip also have a built-in Circadian Lighting feature so that your lights will automatically adjust its color temperature from warm to cool white light throughout the day to complement natural daylight. Experience warmer light in the morning to help you ease into your day, cool light in the afternoon to keep you productive and warm light in the evenings for winding down. Users can even set their lights to custom timing to help adjust to irregular schedules and jet lag. For iOS users, the Essentials also works with the Adaptive Lighting feature, which similarly adjusts your light’s color temperature throughout the day, but is accessible via the Home App.

“As we continue to push the boundaries of what smart lighting can do, Essentials was the natural next step to ensure we’re meeting all the smart lighting needs of consumers, especially for everyday lighting now that we’re spending more time at home than ever before,” said Gimmy Chu, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf. “We’ve focused on Thread to make smart lighting more reliable and accessible to everyone. The Essentials embodies Nanoleaf's commitment to creating forward-thinking future-proof products for everyday use. We truly believe this is a bulb ahead of its time.”

With the widest max brightness range, the Essentials Bulb provides the brightest white lighting at all color temperatures (2700K-6500K), illuminating an average brightness of 806 lumens and max brightness of 1100 lumens. The Bulb itself doubles as an art piece with its unique shape (Rhombicosidodecahedron) that is made to look good with or without a shade.

The Lightstrip is also specially designed with four white LEDs per LED set - two warm and two cool - to achieve the best lighting for your daily needs. Each Lightstrip is outfitted with 21 LED sets per meter (7 sets per 33cm of cuttable length). With an 80 inch length and expansions available at 40 inches, each Lightstrip is easily cuttable for users to customize to their space. Users have the option to extend the length up to 10 metres while still ensuring optimal brightness (2000-2200 lumens).

Nanoleaf Essentials are the first-ever consumer smart lighting to work with Thread* (accessible with the HomePod Mini), an upgraded alternative to Bluetooth. Thread is a new mesh networking technology that offers improved connectivity for the fastest and most reliable connection possible. Thread not only offers enhanced reliability, but will also let users access additional smart features and planned updates including Screen Mirror, Rhythm Music Sync and custom Schedules. Thread technology is currently exclusively available with Essentials and HomePod Mini. As this technology continues to emerge, even more upcoming Thread enabled devices will work together with your Nanoleaf Essentials to create the ultimate seamless smart home

experience. The Essentials line can also run on a standard Bluetooth connection.

Without the need of an extra hub or bridge, the Essentials offer the most seamless everyday smart lighting for your space. Controllable with the Nanoleaf App, HomeKit App and Google Assistant, the Lightstrip also includes a physical controller for ease of use.

*Requires a border router (i.e. HomePod Mini. More Thread enabled devices coming soon)


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